Saint Syed Waris Ali Shah (R.A.)

(Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah)

“Adhere to one face it will help you”
Waris Ali Shah

Work done by Dargah Trust Authorities

Cleanliness :

Undoubtedly ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’  played a major role in this arena, maintaining cleanliness is a challenge during URS days where devotees from all over the world visit the shrine, with proper planning and management 'Dargah Trust Authorities’ are maintaining cleanliness in all aspects.

Credit also goes to the devotees who helps in maintaining cleanliness within the boundary of Astana Sharif.
We have seen rooms incredibly clean where cleaning staff maintains proper hygiene with rooms cleaning and wiping etc things, 

Security :

Incredible steps have been observed by ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’ in this process, high level of security is deployed during URS days, by Indian Govt. Local police officers with metal detectors deployed on duty 24 hours.
Again a Govt. recognized photo ID is a must for any devotee willing to require rooms in dargah premisis for stay.

Local police posts are deployed within dargahpremisis during URS days, to quick action. Also police personnel’s are deployed inside the shrine to maintain the flow of large crowd of devotees.

All this have been done only intervention of ‘‘Dargah Trust Authorities’

New Premises :

Pictures shows new building has been developed with great effort and state of art construction, beautification has been done professionally, hats off and all appraisals to ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’ , specially ‘The Respected Secretary’ Mr. Ghulam Waris Khan Warsi, who did the marvelous job in conceptualizing this project.

Free Langer :

Distribution of free Langer to the devotees by Astana sharif, Private langer’s can also be arranged, this Langer includes traditional ‘Dal & Roti’ each khurak includes 1 bowl dal (sikori) and 2 roti’s, which is enough diet per person.

Without any doubt a good amount of planning and effort is needed in this area to manage Langer process 2 times a day.

The way ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’ are managing this is quite impressing.

Madarsa /School :

Madarsa /School with no fees and providing free books and dresses to students, free Islamic school (Madarsa) for students including free books and dress is a great step and a boon to the localities who cannot afford this.

Barhelasharif Work :

These pictures shows and explains enough, the day this has been under the hold of ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’ , Barhelasharif is entirely changed what it was few years back, credit goes to ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’, who helps in maintaining this place where you will find graves of near and dear’s of Sarkar Alam Panah.

Renovation in Dargah Premises :

Old rooms have all been renovated nicely, with proper water, renovated wash rooms, regular up gradation like paint work, maintenance etc. greatly helped in changing the picture of Dargah Sharif, this would not have been possible without the people and management of ‘Dargah Trust Authorities’.

New Projects :

New land acquired near Astana to build a big major project to develop multi story buildings again for devotees of Sarkar Alampanha, this would not have been possible with the foresightedness of Dargah trust and vision of our ‘Respected secretary’ ‘Ghulam Waris Khan Warsi’

We would like to thank ‘DARGAH TRUST AUTHORITY’ and special thanks to our ‘Respected Secretary’ ‘Ghulam Waris Khan Warsi’ for all the great work, time less efforts & dedication, hard work & sincerity.

MAY GOD BLESS, keep up the good work and services


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