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Waris Ali Shah » Kartik Urs, October 2016 in Dewa Sharif

Kartik Urs, October 2016 in Dewa Sharif

We are glad to announce dates for the upcoming Kartik URS starting 17th October 2016 in Dewa Sharif, please find below the schedule:

17th October2016 – Dada Miya Qul, 8 Pm (Syed Qurban Ali Shah Warsi) (R.A), after Mehfil-e-sama
18th/19th October 2016 – Qul Sarkar Waris-e-Pak Alam Panah
19th October 2016 – Ghusl after zuhur prayers
19th October 2016 – Ratjaga

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